Samstag, 22. November 2014, 09:30 - 16:00 iCal

Changing Worlds

Ideologies, Utopias and Ambitions in Science and Technology

Aula am Campus der Universität Wien
Spitalgasse 2-4 / Hof 1.11, 1090 Wien

Tagung, Konferenz, Kongress, Symposium

Weitere Termine

Donnerstag, 20. November 2014, 12:00 - 19:00

Freitag, 21. November 2014, 09:30 - 17:15

Changing Worlds is a transdisciplinary conference that brings together non-/academics and early-career researchers from various backgrounds to foster discussion about how the worlds we inhabit change and change us, and how we as their inhabitants, researchers and activists change them. We want to provide a forum for young thinkers and doers to engage with each other and share findings, thoughts and ideas about the ideologies, utopias and ambitions that permeate today’s science, technology and society.

Changing Worlds will take place from 20 to 22 November 2014 at the University of Vienna and will feature talks, panel discussions and workshops as well as social events.

We hold the understanding that neither our own nor others’ positions can ever be neutral but that we all see the world through metaphorical lenses which have different shapes depending on how the world engages with us and how we engage with the world. Against this background, we believe that only by bringing together these different views on the world can we gain a more fine-grained and detailed understanding of and therefore better capacity for action in the worlds which we live in.

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Department for Science and Technology Studies

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Jasmin Engelhart
Department of Science and Technology Studies