Montag, 04. April 2022, 18:00 - 20:00 iCal

The Social Production of a Mallorcan Bagpipe Bag

Collaboration, Technology, Ecology and Internationalisation


Guest lecture: Dr. Cassandre Balosso-Bardin (University of Lincoln, UK)

Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Hörsaal 1, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 9 (Campus)
Spitalgasse 2 (Eingang via Garnisongasse 13), 1090 Wien


Through the cultural, social, ecological and technological description of the Mallorcan bagpipe bag, this talk underlines the role of tangible objects in shaping intangible heritage. In line with Allen’s urge to use the material links between culture and nature to support cultural sustainability (2019, 56) and answering Dawe’s call for more ‘detailed in-the-field study’ to showcase how musical instruments, far from being inert and insignificant objects, are ‘entangled in webs of culture’ (Dawe 2003, 278), it highlights the highly social nature of the production of a musical instrument and underlines the role of instrument-making towards the sustainability of a musical culture.

Historically made from one-year-old goats, Mallorcan bagpipe bags went through different phases of innovation, from rubber and Goretex® bags to purposefully factory-made hybrid bags. At the core of these changes are the musicians and the instrument makers, working together to create an instrument that can meet increasing musical and technological demands

whilst supporting the cultural and ecological relevance of the instrument. Together, these elements work towards sustaining the identity of the instrument, removed from the shepherding profession it was traditionally associated with but symbolising the island of Mallorca, its land, language and culture, through a revitalised and modernised practice. With the bagpipe bag at its centre, this paper pulls together its social networks (musicians, instrument makers, product providers) and its ecology (from local resources to synthetic materials), both marked by technological advancements and international influences to create an instrument with a musical, cultural and social identity.

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