Mittwoch, 30. Mrz 2022, 16:15 - 17:45 iCal

ie.talks: Rabie Nasser

Voices of adolescents on education and ICT during the Syrian Conflict

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This research, conducted by the British Council and Syrian Center for Policy Research, used an innovative and participatory mixed-methods approach to assess the challenges and expectations of adolescents in relation to education and ICT, within the context of ongoing conflict in Syria. The research adopted a conceptual framework including human rights, and the rights of children and adolescents in particular, capabilities and opportunities, and political economy frameworks. The research assessed the realisation of adolescent girls’ and boys’ rights, and analysed key aspects of gender-based inequalities and abuses. It used qualitative methods to assess the immediate, underlying and structural causes of any lack and/or violations of girls’ and boys' rights in the armed conflict context.

The adolescents and caregivers who participated in this research drew a gloomy picture of the current situation in Syria as a result of the devastating conflict. They highlighted their suffering from the dynamics and effects of the armed conflict that was represented in a fearful, insecure, exclusionary and unstable environment. They had experienced or witnessed several grave violations including the targeting of civilians, kidnapping, injury, torture, the destruction of infrastructure, forced displacement, pillage, siege and the deprivation of food and basic services.

The research concludes with examples of alternative policies and programmes based on the priorities of adolescents. These alternatives address the underlying and intermediate causes of conflict, deprivation and inequality, to avoid reproducing the same challenges and grievances.


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