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Certificate Course "Cultural Management"

Invitation to the online information event for the postgraduate program „Cultural Management“



The next start of the certificate course "Cultural Management“ at the University of Vienna will be in October 2021. As a state of the art program, it is designed to bridge best practice and inspirational theory as well as to explore experimental formats and anticipate trends in cultural and social project management. Participants will enjoy training, establish contacts and develop projects in relevant fields such as innovative project management, intercultural communication and international relations, media work and performing within urban environments in times of societal change. The certificate course addresses NGO and governmental practitioners, as well as individuals who have an interest and career ambitions in the fields of: cultural and social entrepreneurship, international relations and cultural diplomacy, theatre, museum and music management, education and sociology, community engagement and cultural policy and cultural industries.


Join the online information event to learn more about the structure, content, the experts and lecturers of the postgraduate program from the scientific leadership team, Leonie Hodkevitch and Peter Schweitzer.


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