Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2021, 18:00 - 20:00 iCal

On Rhythm

Mobility Lecture #7 with Tim Cresswell

Forschungsplattform Mobile Kulturen und Gesellschaften
Hofburg, Batthyanystiege 26, 1010 Wien


In this talk, I theorise the connected concepts of place and mobility through the third concept of rhythm. Places combine a temporal dimension of rootedness and with spatial dimension of routedness. They are, in part, defined by mobilities of people, things, ideas etc. One dimension of these mobilities is rhythm, as famously accounted for by Henri Lefebvre in his conception of rhythmanalysis. (Im)mobilities marked by rhythm are, at the same time, always at least partially located, and only happen in and through places (such as the square in Paris that Lefebvre looks down upon from his window). This paper will explore these connections between place, mobility and rhythm with the use of illustrative examples.


Tim Cresswell is Oglive Professor of Geography at the University of Edinburgh. Trained as a cultural geographer, his research focuses on the intersections of space, place and mobility in social and cultural contexts. His work has been fundamental in theorizing the meaning of mobilities and mobile practices in relation to power dynamics.


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Forschungsplattform Mobile Kulturen und Gesellschaften


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Forschungsplattform Mobile Kulturen und Gesellschaften