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Master Program "Human Rights"

Invitation to the online information event for the master program "Human Rights"



The one-year (60 ECTS) postgraduate program "Human Rights" of the University of Vienna has a clear jurisprudential profile. The program will provide for insights to theoretical legal questions and also convey practical skills that are necessary for working in the field of human rights.

The master program addresses the multi-layered field of human rights and reflects the different relevant legal frameworks as well as the corresponding protection mechanisms. Topics covered by the program will be, i.a., legal human rights know-how including theoretical foundations of international human rights law including its protection mechanisms; methodology; as well as necessary competences for people striving to work in a human rights-related environment. For non-lawyers, an introduction to legal studies will be provided. Besides including practical courses, such as strategic litigation, human rights education, campaigning and advocacy, as well as project acquisition and management into the syllabus, another chance to combine theoretical knowledge with practical abilities is offered by the opportunity to participate in a court trial simulation (‘moot court’).

The postgraduate program is aimed at law graduates (for the LL.M. program) and graduates from other disciplines, for example from the humanities and social sciences, who wish to specialize in human rights (for the MLS program). Its format is designed to enable persons already employed, for example in national administrations, academia, the education sector, NGOs and civil society, as well as the private sector (corporate lawyers, attorneys, legal trainees, consultants), to participate. Graduates of this master program will have acquired in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of fundamental and human rights. They will be able to assess current challenges to human rights protection and to develop strategies within the human rights protection framework.


Join the online information event to learn more about the structure, content and the experts and lecturers of the postgraduate program from the scientific director Prof. Fremuth.

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