Montag, 23. Mai 2016, 19:00 - 21:00 iCal

Gastvortrag Ayman AGBARIA

Islamic Jurisprudence of Minorities: Is It Good for All? The Case of the Palestinian Muslim Minority in Israel

Im Rahmen der Reihe Interkulturelles Philosophieren: Theorie und Praxis - Philosophie in der arabisch-islamischen Welt

Hörsaal des Institut für Orientalistik, Uni-Campus, Hof 4
Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Wien


This presentation examines the doctrine of Jurisprudence of Muslim Minorities (Fiqh al-Aqilliyyat) in the context of the Palestinian Muslim community in Israel. The first part discusses the origins and goals of Fiqh al-Aqilliyyat. After outlining the particular historical and political context of the Palestinian minority in Israel, the presentation focuses on the ethno-religious political mobilization developed by the Muslim community vis-à-vis the state’s strategies of control and domination and points up the difficulties involved in the application of Fiqh al-Aqilliyyat, as used in „Western“ states, for the reality that Muslims face in Israel. The presentation suggests a vigilant approach towards the „Jurisprudence of Minorities“, as we argue that when applying it in this context of the Muslim community in Israel, this doctrine has two substantial limitations which will be the topic of the last part of the presentation.

Ayman Agbaria: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Department of Leadership and Policy in Education der Universität Haifa.


WiGiP (Wiener Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Philosophie)


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