Montag, 02. Juni 2014, 16:00 - 17:30 iCal

Guest-Lecture: „The Many Faces of Gambling“

Dr. Shawn Scott, University of the Visayas (Cebu City, Philippines)

Sitzungszimmer der Fakultät für Psychologie
Liebigg. 5, 1010 Wien


Abstract – “The Many Faces of Gambling“

Dr. Shawn Scott

Gambling is generally prohibited by government laws; hence, it is considered illegal.

However, many countries legalized recently some types of gambling especially online gambling as it has been a source of revenue that supports several government projects.

Data show that the top 10 gambling nations mostly come from Europe – Spain, Greece, Norway, Italy, Finland and Ireland, Australia, Hongkong, Canada, and Singapore. Spain is No.10 with an average gambling loss of $418 per adult person while Australia ranked first with $1288. About 80% of Australia’s adult population gambles.

Gambling is generally perceived by many as a negative activity knowing that a number of individuals are addicted to it; others become psychologically or mentall sick, lose their wealth, and leave their families. In some cases, gambling can be a source of violence. It forces gamblers to become thieves and lose lives. On the contrary, gambling also brings positive effects to the society: 1) job opportunities; 2)large revenue to government; 3) pleasure to professional gamblers; and 4) business opportunities.

As a phenomenon, the many faces of gambling are confusing. Gambling is illegal but it is allowed by the government to certain extent. It brings pleasure and leisure but it causes sickness and sadness. Some get rich while others become poor. For businessmen gambling is a highly lucrative industry. It gradually progresses and thrives in the next years as long as there are “superstitious believers in luck who are attracted to the unpredictability of betting”.


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