Mittwoch, 20. November 2013, 18:30 - 20:00 iCal

Wednesday Seminar - Henrik Vigh

Social Invisibility: on indeterminacy and precarity

HS-C, Institut für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie (NIG)
Universitätsstraße 7, 4. Stock, 1010 Wien


This lecture looks at relationship between insecurity, social invisibility and negative potentiality. Taking its empirical point of departure in fieldwork conducted in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, it illuminates the manner in which people orientate themselves toward precarious prospects and potentialities. It focuses on the way futures are foretold and the forth-coming negotiated in an attempt to pre-empt violent possibilities.

Moving from the empirical to the theoretical, and from the specific to the general, the lecture will compare two specific areas of conflict and orientation toward negative potentiality before moving on to a more general discussion of invisibility and potentiality in social life and theory.

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