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The Case of Algeria: Understanding of the Past –

An Essential Requirement to Comprehend the Present


Kader Benamara (Wien)

Seminarraum 1; Institut für Zeitgeschichte
Spitalgasse 2-4/Hof 1, 1090 Wien


Eric Hobsbawm deplores the fact that history is more than ever revised or even invented by those who do not wish to know the real past. I warn the audience that historical events can be inter­preted by others differently for we always reconstruct pasts and our vision of things is affected by our knowledge and convictions. Nonetheless, we should be wary of a history that has been "cleaned" to justify a system and support certain politics. If we are to apprehend the present, understanding of the past is essential but that past should be outlined as it was, without embellish­ment.

Kader Benamara b. 1942 in Algiers. After a tumultuous schooling, he enrolled at the Univer­sity of Algiers where he obtained a degree in Sociology, with specialization in North Africa anthro­po­logy. He left Algeria in early 1965 for the United States, University of Michigan, George­town University and the George Washington University. In 1979, he joined the OPEC Fund for International Deve­lop­ment in Vienna. There, he helped set up a balance of payments program for the benefit of developing countries, in particular the low-income nations. He became head of the Research and Information Department, including the division providing technical assistance. Now retired. He is a member of associations and institutes in the field of Economics, in particular Strademed (based in Belgium), an international network of researchers and academics hailing from various backgrounds. The aim of this network is to promote economic prosperity on both sides of the Mediterranean.

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