Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013, 16:00 - 18:00 iCal

Prof. Zhongjie Meng (Universität Shanghai): "The World War II in History Didactics and History Teaching in Chinese Middle Schools since the Beginning of the New Century: Characteristics and Reflections

Fachdidaktikzentrum Geschichte, Sozialkunde und Politische Bildung, Seminarraum FDZ Geschichte 1
Berggasse 7 /Eingang Hof rechts im Parterre, 1090 Wien


Although it is one of the important global events in the process of the 20th century, World War II In the majority of countries is still taught in a national approach, not in global perspective. There seems to be no big difference in this perspective on history teaching between the two major fields of World War II - Europe or in China. Since the new century, with the quick development of globalization and the large scale of social transformation, Chinese history didactics of World War II has caught the opportunity of changing its perspective.

This lecture will give some results from recent studies to the following questions:

(1) Comparing the narratives on World War II in Chinese school history textbooks before the new century and since the new century? Are there any changes? And if so, what are the new narratives?

(2) Which contents in history teaching should be further reflected when we aim at educating the next generation to become normal global citizen by learning from history?

The lecture will introduce the special perspective of China as one of the important participants not only in World War II but also in the current globalizing world. The characteristics and problems of history didactics of World War II in China will be summarized and criticized from a global dimension, so that it could provide in the future a kind of reference for the global discussion in history didactics on World War II.


Associate Professor Dr. Zhongjie MENG is Director of the Institute of World History, Faculty of History, at the most distinguished teacher training university in Shanghai, the East China Normal University.


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