Montag, 23. Oktober 2023, 14:00 - 15:00 iCal

University of Vienna: What data do we have?

Data Science Talk with Stephan Prechtl and Nicole Bier from Coordination of Student Services

Seminarraum 19
Kolingasse 14, 1090 Vienna




Running the department Coordination of Student Service means owning a lot of data in the fields of students, study programs, curricula or study progress. When over 90,000 students study at the University of Vienna lots of data is collected: the course registration for over 750.000 courses or 850.000 marks being entered every semester are just some examples.


In this talk we want to give an overview of our data, give a little insight on the tools we are developing and present a few examples of topics we would like to find out more about. In the past we have worked together with scientists and would like to know if there are further synergies to give answers to scientific questions while improving the quality of study and teaching at the same time.





Stephan Prechtl is head of the department Coordination of Student Service, a unit with over 30 employees who develop and manage digital processes in the field of teaching, study and examination administration.


Nicole Bier is part of the project management team in the Coordination of Student Service, who mainly accompanies other departments in the development of new online tools for students, teachers and administrative staff. The focus of their approach lies in the user centered design as well as design thinking methods.





University of Vienna

Seminarraum 19

Kolingasse 14–16

1090 Vienna






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