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u:japan lecture s06e08 - Patrycja Duc-Harada

Yakuwarigo – real or fictionalized speech? How real Japanese influences role languages and how role languages are reflected in real Japanese

04.05.2023 18:30 - 20:00

A hybrid u:japan lecture by Patrycja Duc-Harada (Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland)

Department of East Asian Studies, Japanese Studies (2.4), Seminarraum 1
Spitalgasse 2, Hof 2.4 (Campus) , 1090 Vienna

Hybrider Event (an einem physischen Ort und online)

| Abstract |

The aim of this lecture is to present the widely discussed concept of yakuwarigo 役割語 ‘role language’ from two perspectives: fictionalized speech (using examples of characteristic lines and dialogue taken from popular anime, manga and drama series), as well as real Japanese language used in private and public spheres. This discussion promises to reach interesting conclusions concerning the impact of Japanese language and culture on role and character languages, and the ways and reasons for which role languages are occasionally and intentionally implemented in real speech as a communicative strategy.

The first part of the lecture discusses major terms (yakuwari and yakuwarigo, kyarakutā and kyarakutā gengo, kyara, rashisa, sutereotaipu, rejisutā, etc.) from the perspective of linguistic stylization and Japanese sociolinguistics. In this part, standard language (hyōjungo), Japanese standard honorifics (keigo), but also non-standard honorifics (e.g. -ssu form) will be introduced as examples of role languages that play a significant part in portraying appropriate (demanded) or inappropriate (undemanded) behaviours. The topic of yakuwarigo’s potential impact on the language and behaviours of contemporary people and their speech will also be briefly discussed.

In the second part, selected examples of role languages and character languages that occur in real Japanese communication will be introduced. Two communicative spheres: private (e.g. teacher’s speech, parent’s speech), as well as public (e.g. posters, announcements, commercials, blogs, celebrity speech) will be distinguished in order to discover major tendencies and also explain motivations for using stylized speech. Finally, the occurrence of role language in language education (based on examples from textbooks) will be briefly presented to indicate the impact of role language and stylized language on young people’s linguistic competencies.

The lecture is based on selected published sources referring to the discussed subjects, as well as the outcomes of the individual research conducted by the author in recent years.


| Bio |

Patrycja Duc-Harada is an assistant professor at the Department of Japanese and Chinese Studies of Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in linguistics in 2017, with a dissertation on Japanese youth sociolect. Her doctoral thesis was published as a monograph entitled Japoński socjolekt młodzieżowy jako manifestacja świadomości językowej młodego pokolenia (Eng. Japanese Youth Sociolect as a Manifestation of Linguistic Awareness of the Young Generation) in 2020. Her research focuses on various aspects of Japanese sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics, pragmatics, as well as Japanese language education. She has conducted qualitative research on Japanese language during several fieldwork stays in Japan. Her recent research interest focuses on changes and transformations occurring within the category of Japanese honorifics.


| Date & Time |

u:japan lecture | s06e08

Thursday 2023-05-04, 18:30~20:00

max. 50 participants (on site) + max. 300 participants (online)


| Place & Preparations |

LIVE @ Campus of the University of Vienna

Department of East Asian Studies, Japanese Studies

Seminarraum JAP 1, 2K-EG-21, Ground floor to the left

Spitalgasse 2, Hof 2.4 (Campus), 1090 Vienna, Austria


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