Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2023, 19:00 - 21:00 iCal

Tipping Point Talk #3. Queer/ing Methodologies TFM

Jyoti Mistry (HDK Valand, Sweden): Archival Encounters with race, gender and sexuality

Blickle Kino, Belvedere21
Arsenalstrasse 1, 1030 Wien


Film screenings, performance lecture and discussion


Encounters in archives draw attention to elisions and absences that inspire constant excavation towards seeking new perspectives that connect the past to present and future socio-political concerns. We will screen two films of the trilogy and talk about the latest film. When I grow up I want do be a black man (2017) examines race in the Dutch colonial archive; Cause of Death (2020) reflects on gender and societal structures that perpetuate violence against women and, the latest film of the trilogy (2023) explores sexuality in its public and private experiences of queer life.


These works are yoked by the recurring themes of historical, social and political violence and insist on a visceral engagement with the visual. Propositions for decolonial strategies with colonial archives, readings and screening of the works aim to invite conversation at this event.


Jyoti Mistry is Professor in Film at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg University, Sweden. She has made critically acclaimed short and feature length films in different forms: working between installation and cinema. Her recent project is framed through archival excavation and decolonial art practices. Her publications include books, journal contributions and extensive edited anthologies on topics ranging from curatorial practices, visual culture to film education. Currently, she is editor in chief of PARSE (Platform of Artistic Research in Sweden).


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Andrea B. Braidt, Nicole Kandioler-Biet


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