Mittwoch, 07. Juni 2023, 18:30 - 20:00 iCal

Ringvorlesung Turkologie 2023SS

Canon, heritage and the nation: Narratives of modernity between past and future in Republican Turkey (1923-2023)

Institut für Orientalistik
Spitalgasse 2, Hof 4.1 (Campus Universität Wien), 1090 Wien


Ankara’s Narrative of Modernity and Promise of Democracy in Lausanne

Hans Lukas Kieser (University of Newcastle)


After briefly introducing the Conference and Treaty of Lausanne, “Republican Turkey’s birth certificate”, this lecture analyzes the historical narratives presented, the political vocabulary used, and the promises made by Ankara’s delegation at Lausanne’s negotiating table. It argues that the later Republic’s claims to modernity, progress, civilization, peace, and democracy are explicitly articulated in Lausanne in 1922-1923, as are the main underpinning arguments, including assertive secularism, Ottoman tolerance, Turkish-Kurdish brotherhood, and the racial Turkish History Thesis. The lecture is based on my book When Democracy Died: The Middle East's Enduring Peace of Lausanne (Cambridge U. P., May 2023).


Hans Lukas Kieser is a historian at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. His current researches focus on the emergence of the postOttoman Middle East and the Turkish nation state, analyzing biographies and the relationship between state formation, violence, historical-political thought, and religion. His books include Der verpasste Friede (2000, reed. 2021), Talaat Pasha (2018), Nearest East: American millennialism and mission to the Middle East (2010) as well as several edited volumes, most recently Remembering the Great War in the Middle East: From Turkey and Armenia to Australia and New Zealand (2022).

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