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Nature, Environment and Society in Eurasia

Ringvorlesung Turkologie Sommersemester 2022

09.03.2022-22.06.2022 | Mittwochs 18.30 - 20.00 Uhr CET | Online Vorträge



Climate and Fiction in Contemporary Turkey

Meliz ergin (Istanbul)


This talk will focus on the relationship between climate crisis and fiction in contemporary Turkey by offering a two-fold analysis. I will first present a brief survey of climate-related issues in Turkey, addressing leading contributors to and key vulnerabilities of climate change. I will then discuss how literature has responded to climate change by examining a diverse body of works (e.g., essay, interview, documentary, climate fiction) produced by authors such as Fakir Baykurt, Yaşar Kemal, Latife Tekin, Buket Uzuner and Oya Baydar. I will conclude the talk by focusing on the question of climate temporality in selected novels to address such issues as timely versus belated climate action, intergenerational accountability, and climate justice.


Meliz Ergin is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Koç University, İstanbul. Her first book, The Ecopoetics of Entanglement in Contemporary Turkish and American Literatures, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2017. She is currently working on a manuscript tentatively titled Ecocriticism and Turkey, under contract with Bloomsbury Academic. Dr. Ergin has published essays on contemporary Turkish and European literature, comparative ecocriticism, eco/poetics, and literature and philosophy.

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