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Atakan Aral "A Computational Approach Towards Early Detection of Micropollutants in Rivers"



About the talk:

Industrial facilities located in watersheds use large amounts of water for various purposes, and they release it back to the rivers through water treatment plants. Unfortunately, such treatment plants are prone to technical and human failures. In Europe, we have seen several disasters in the last decade, most recently in Finland and Poland. These failures usually go unnoticed for days and result in huge amounts of chemical discharge into rivers. With an automated monitoring and early warning system, similar environmental disasters could be avoided in the future. Among chemical substances, micropollutants are particularly dangerous to water ecosystems as well as human health because of their high toxicity and decay tolerance. This presentation will summarize our efforts towards designing a computational early warning system for micropollutants in rivers, which will locate the source of the pollution within minutes with unprecedented accuracy. To this end, we propose the use of smart sensors (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The sensors will capture continuous data from the river, and the AI model will combine the data with scientific expertise to make predictions in an automated way. A critical constraint is that such a system must have a small ecological footprint so that it will not affect the very same environment it is intended to protect.


About the speaker:

Atakan Aral is a computer scientist and the international coordinator of the CHIST-ERA project "Sustainable Watershed Management Through IoT-Driven AI" ( at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna. He received dual M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and Istanbul Technical University (ITU), and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from ITU. Since 2016, Atakan pursues FWF-funded postdoctoral research in Austria, initially at the TU Wien and currently at the University of Vienna. His research interests center around resource and reliability management for geo-distributed and virtualized computing systems such as intercloud and edge computing, as well as optimization of the edge computing architecture to enable next-generation AI services for environmental sustainability.


Language: English


When: 27.10.2021, 17:00-18:30 (45 min Talk, 45 min Q&A)


Where: Zoom [ ; Meeting-ID: 942 2661 8275, Kenncode: 679539] - no registration required

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