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Nicole Lieger "A Circular Economy – Going Way Beyond Recycling"



About the talk:

Ressources on this planet are finite. How can we use them, without using them up?

Instead on digging ores out of the ground, and throwing them away after use, we could develop a system where materials are being reused again and again. Where all materials, once mined, stay in circulation.

For that, we need to go far beyond the old approach of thinking about „recycling“ once we‘re standing in front of a garbage heap. We need to start at the beginning, and design products in a way that makes it possible for product parts and materials to be circular. It needs new business models, new infrastructure, new cultural habits.

A number of initiatives are already underway, from EU level to innovative businesses to individuals.

Is it enough? What needs to happen next?


About the speaker:

Dr. Nicole Lieger is a Lecturer in the University of Vienna‘s Master Programme in Development Studies. She has a transdiciplinary background in social sciences, including political science, economics, law, business administration and international development. She also has extensive experience working with non-governmental and community organizations in fields reaching from human rights to environmental protection to cultural transformation, and a long-standing personal practice, all of which provide the background for her reflections on transformational potential.


Language: English


When: 13.10.2021, 17:00-18:30 (45 min Talk, 45 min Q&A)


Where: Zoom [ ; Meeting-ID: 938 3050 4654, Kenncode: 17212] - no registration required

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