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Power and the Presidency in Kenya

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Aula am Campus der Universität Wien
Spitalgasse 2-4 / Hof 1.11, 1090 Wien

Buchpräsentation, Lesung

Book presentation and discussion.

African presidents are an essential part of the stereotypical Western representation of African politics, controlled by a few individuals instead of institutions.

This vision has its roots in a colonial perception of the African continent as dominated by emotions that leave no space for more complex politics. It has been reinforced by a literary tradition sanctifying the biographies of “great men” while demonizing more troubled political figures. Yet, it eluded an important question: Why did, upon independence, almost all African states adopt a presidential system of rule? Put differently: What are the historical origins of presidential power in postcolonial African countries?

Anais Angelo seeks to answer this question in her book “Power and the Presidency in Kenya: The Jomo Kenyatta Years (1958-1978)”. In the book presentation she outlines the main findings of her research and also covers some practical aspects of her work as a historian, addressing academic as well as non-academic audiences.

“Power and the Presidency in Kenya: The Jomo Kenyatta Years (1958-1978)”. Cambridge University Press (Hardback 2019, Paperback 2020).

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