Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2018, 14:30 - 16:15 iCal

Environmental Literature in Taiwan

Reception of American Environmental

Literature in Taiwan

SIN 1 Department of East Asian Studies
Spitalgasse 2 Hof 2 Aufgang 2.3, 1090 Wien


This talk is indebted to the earnest efforts of my students in the course History of American Literature this year. It is surprisingly intriguing to see how these forty-four college students in Taiwan have perceived and conceived American environmental literature in the past academic year. Spanning from the 17th century to 21st century, most of the writers on our syllabus, interestingly, coincide with the entries in Geoff Hamilton and Brian Jones’ Encyclopedia of the Environment in American Literature (2013). While Henry David Thoreau stands as a touchstone on our reading list, Marianne Craig Moore, Shel Silverstein, Billy Collins, W.S. Merwin and many others also provide fresh insights into current environmental issues. Self and Environment, a worksheet I designed to help students engage more deeply with the discourses on nature that we have been reading, makes possible a rich display of their self-reflections as well as their critiques of environmental writing. It is indeed interesting to see how these young

minds in Taiwan have been touched and inspired by the sparks of wisdom they have found in American literature, in turn empowering them to appreciate and investigate their immediate and global environments with greater depth and ingenuity.

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