Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2018, 18:30 - 20:00 iCal

Election and data science in Japan

Tomoyuki Furutani (Keio University, Tokyo)


Institut für Ostasienwissenschaften - Japanologie, Seminarraum JAP 1
UniversitätsCampus Hof 2, Eingang 2.4, Spitalgass 2, 1090 Wien


The Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal in 2018 revealed that the analysis of a great number of personal Facebook accounts effectively influenced crucial election campaigns such as the US presi-dential election in 2016 or the Brexit vote in 2017. The CA scandal became a historical turning point that changed the rule of the election game based on statistical analysis. In Japan, data driven-election campaigning that collects voter’s private information and shares information by SNS or email to change the respondents’ attitudes effectively has not been conducted yet. However, big data analysis has been employed in several elections. As a result, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of Japan has kept winning in crucial elections since the beginning of the second Abe Cabinet to a degree that it has spurred interest among political leaders abroad. In this public lecture, I will present several examples and evidence of data analysis in Japanese elections, drawing on the experi-ence of my election data analytics team. In addition, I also discuss various connections between election and statistics in Japan, such as voter’s behaviors, opinion polls, disparity in the relative value of a vote, and the reason why the Abe Cabinet (or LDP) is supported (or not) by the Japanese voters.

Tomoyuki Furutani is a professor of applied statistics and econometrics at Keio University. He is a director of two research consortia at Keio; Consortium of Co-creation of Drone Society and Strategic Data Analysis Laboratory (quantitative analysis of electrical behavior of political parties). Obtained Dr. Eng. at the University of Tokyo in 2001. He lectured two years at University of Tokyo as a research associate (2001-2003), four years as a lecturer at Keio University (2003-2007), eight years as an associate professor at Keio (2007-2015) and two years as a full professor (2015-present).



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