Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 18:30 - 20:00 iCal

Geschichte am Mittwoch

Tara Andrews, James Baillie, Maxim Romanov, Anahit Safaryan, Mária Vargha (Wien):

From Sources to Analysis and Beyond: A History of the Medieval Near East, Done Digitally


HS 45
Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien


Historical information on the Medieval Near East comes primarily in the forms of chronicles and material remains; we suffer in particular from a marked lack of the sorts of everyday documents that would tie these together. The Digital Humanities team, all deeply involved in working on Near Eastern topics and texts in Armenian, Arabic, and Georgian, will showcase how a historian armed with computational methods may study and connect these important vessels of historical and historiographical information. We will begin with highlighting how digital methods enhance our engagement with primary sources, looking at the digital edition of Matt??os U?hayec?i’s Chronicle. We will then turn to al-?ahab?’s History of Islam, we will look into how text reuse detection methods can illustrate how authors were engaging with their sources and how they were putting together their books. Next we will discuss both the problems and benefits of structuring and analysing chronicle data in more systematic and linked ways and the trade-offs that this entails, looking both at the History of Islam and also on an upcoming project for a prosopographical database covering the 12th and early 13th century Kingdom of Georgia and its neighbours. Finally we will take a step away from textual evidence and focus on material culture, investigating the relations of East and West based on the spatial analysis of context-alien objects linked to diverse parts of the society, giving us a glimpse into those aspects of society about which written sources remain silent.



Bei den Vortragenden handelt es sich um die MitarbeiterInnen des Lehrstuhls für Digital Humanities am Institut für Geschichte der Universität Wien.


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