Freitag, 28. Oktober 2016, 16:15 - 17:45 iCal

Prof. Dr. André B. Charette /

Department of Chemistry, Université de Montréal
"Synthesis of new substituted zinc carbenoids and their application in cyclopropanation reaction"

Hörsaal 3 der Fakultät für Chemie
Währinger Straße 38, 1090 Wien


The Simmons-Smith reaction is a well-known process to deliver a methylene unit into an alkene. The preparation of 1,2,3-substituted cyclopropane in a diastereocontrol fashion is a much more challenging goal since it involves the preparation of a-substituted zinc carbenoids that are potentially too unstable and/or not sufficiently reactive to undergo cyclopropanation. In this lecture, the preparation of novel a-substituted zinc carbenoids will be presented and their applications to the synthesis of enantio-enriched 1,2,3-substituted cyclopropanes will be discussed. Further applications of cyclopropane building blocks will be highlighted.


Fakultät für Chemie


Brigitte Schwarz
Fakultät für Chemie der Universität Wien