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Phenomenology and an Ethico-Politics of Being Eart

Prof. Dr. Kelly OLIVER, Vanderbilt University, USA

Institut für Philosophie, NIG, 3. Stock, Hörsaal 3B
Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien


Kelly Oliver is W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University (USA).She has published over 100 articles and over twenty books, including: /Earth and World: Philosophy After the Apollo Missions /(Columbia 2015); /Technologies of Life and Death: From Cloning to Capital Punishment/ (Fordham 2013); /Knock me up, Knock me down: Images of Pregnancy in Hollywood Film/__(Columbia Spring 2012); /Animal Lessons: How They Teach us to be Human/ (Columbia 2009); /Women as Weapons of War: Iraq, Sex and the Media/ (Columbia 2007); /The Colonization of Psychic Space: A Psychoanalytic Theory of Oppression /(2004); /Noir Anxiety: Race, Sex, and Maternity in Film Noir/ (2002), /Witnessing: Beyond Recognition/ (2001), /Subjectivity Without Subjects: From Abject Fathers to Desiring Mothers/ (1998); /Family Values: Subjects Between Nature and Culture/ (1997), /Womanizing Nietzsche: Philosophy’s Relation to “the Feminine” /(1995), and /Reading Kristeva:/ /Unraveling the Double-Bind/ (1993). She has edited or co-edited several books. Auf Deutsch erschienen: „Für eine feministische Phänomenologie des Sehens“, in: Silvia Stoller / Veronica Vasterling / Linda Fisher (Hg.): /Feministische Phänomenologie und Hermeneutik/ (Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2005, S. 171–192).


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Gertrud Wachter
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