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A 17th Century Depiction of Women in Dutch Formosa

Source Materials

Sin 1, Department of East Asian Studies, Sinology
Spitalgasse 2 Court 2 Entrance 2.3, 1090 Wien


This project examines the accessibility of disclosed and undisclosed archival materials related to early modern Taiwan

history over the past decades. The integration of digital humanities tools and methods has accelerated this accessibility

within the academic community. However, it emphasizes the importance of methodological validity, and to formulate solid

questions rather than solely relying on data availability. A key concern arises when analyzing historical data from the 17th

century. For the historian these materials are part of the legacy of Dutch colonial history, and are revealing a male-centric

perspective that shapes the discourse on women. This construction of discourse creates power positions that have come

to inhabit different levels of privilege and obscure a more layered and intricate post/colonial historiography. The presentation

adopts an intersectional lens to explore colonialism as an epistemological endeavor, highlighting the intertwining of gender

and race. Utilizing archival data, the project aims to make visible the women histories that have been marginalized within

dominant historical narratives.

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