Montag, 19. Mai 2014, 18:30 - 19:30 iCal

Byzantine retrofit architecture

Rebuilding the Lower City church at Amorium

Vortragender: Prof. Dr. Erich A. Ivison

(Department of History, College of Staten Island, NY)

Institut für Byzantinistik und Neogräzistik der Universität Wien
Postgasse 7/1/3, 1010 Wien


in keeping with a presentation dedicated to the Memory of Hans Buchwald, this lecture examines an example of what he termed Byzantine "retrofit" architecture, tracing the reconstruction of an early Byzantine church complex in the Lower City of Amorium in modern Turkey. Following ist destrucion, this complex was rebuilt as a domed church, raised within and on the walls of the old basilica. Evidence of this rebuilding process sheds new light on the Byzantine building trade in the late 9th and early 10th centuries, and illustrates how masons, marble-carvers, fresco-painters, and mosaicists worked together to build a Major church.

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