Mittwoch, 07. Mai 2014, 19:00 - 21:00 iCal


The Experimental Art Archive of East-Central Europe

A round table discussion

Jura Soyfer-Saal, Institut für Theater-, Film und Medienwissenschaft
Hofburg, Batthyanystiege, 1010 Wien

Buchpräsentation, Lesung

The history and activity of the Artpool Art Research Center is a proof of how complex and diverse the understandings of an active archive are. The structure and contents of the book open up a complete universe of historical and contemporary intermedia. We have to realize that thinking and acting in transnational networks isn´t only a product of globalization but is a phenomenon that existed even in the supposed isolation of late socialism.

The aim of the round table discussion is to debate the behavior and the art activities that generate an archive like Artpool, to outline the specifics of East-Central-European culture-political circumstances that lead to such artistic behavior and activity, to discuss ways of knowledge transmission and the legitimation respectively future of experimental forms of archiving.


Pál Deréky (Literary Scholar / Vienna)

Daniel Grú? (Post-Doc, Academy of Fine Arts and Design / Bratislava)

Marina Gržini? (Philosopher, Theoretician and Artist / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts)

György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay (Editors of the Book and Founders/Directors of Artpool Art Research Center / Budapest)

Moderation: Katalin Cseh (Lecturer, University of Vienna / Research Assistant, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)


Institut für Theater-, Film und Medienwissenschaft


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