Mittwoch, 09. Oktober 2013, 15:00 - 16:00 iCal

CS-Colloquium: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Eduard Gröller

"Visual Computing -- Quo Vadis?"

Hörsaal 3
Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien


Data Visualization uses computer-supported, interactive, visual representations of (abstract) data to amplify cognition. Visualization is an essential part of Visual Computing which in turn is concerned with the acquisition, representation, processing, analysis, synthesis, and usage of visual information. The talk discusses various challenges in visual computing. In recent years data complexity and variability has increased considerably. This is due to new data sources as well as the availability of uncertainty, error and tolerance information. Visual steering supports decision making in the presence of alternative scenarios. Multiple, related simulation runs are explored through branching operations. To account for uncertain knowledge about the input parameters, visual reasoning employs entire parameter distributions. This can lead to an uncertainty-aware exploration of (continuous) parameter spaces. Multivariate and heterogeneous data call for visual analysis and knowledge-assisted interaction. To cope with intensified scalability issues and distributed processing approaches, advanced strategies are required like comparative visualization, integrated views and inclusion of fuzzy sets in the visualization process. Examples concerning the aforementioned topics will be presented in the talk.

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