Mittwoch, 24. April 2013, 15:00 - 16:00 iCal

Visualization in Construction Management - Melanie Tory


HS3, Fakultät für Informatik
Währinger Strasse 29, 1090 Wien



I design and evaluate visualization and interaction techniques that enable people to explore and understand data through interactive computer graphics. In this talk, I will focus on my recent work exploring how visualization can support building design and construction management activities. Building design is a complex process that requires coordination among a team of designers from numerous disciplines: architecture, structural engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, fire protection, etc. I began this project by conducting an in-depth field study to understand existing practices of an interdisciplinary building design team, focusing on how computer technology might be used to facilitate design coordination meetings. Knowledge gained through this field study was used to prototype visualization tools to support various aspects of building design and construction management. These include new visualization techniques that enable people to more easily compare related versions of a project schedule, and a photo browser tool that makes it easier to search and navigate a collection of construction site photos. I will summarize these projects and explore future directions in this area.



Melanie Tory is an Associate Professor at the University of Victoria,where she directs the Visual Interaction Design (VisID) research group.Her research is in the areas of visualization, human-computer interaction,and computer-supported cooperative work. She focuses on the design andevaluation of visualization and interaction techniques that allow people to effectively analyze data and make decisions. Her research applies to a wide variety of areas; for example, recent projects have focused on the domains of Business Intelligence and Building Design Engineering.


Forschungsgruppe Visualization and Data Analysis


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