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ie.talks: Annina Kaltenbunner

International Financial Subordination in the Age of Asset Manager Capitalism

Seminarraum SG 2
Sensengasse 3, 1090 Wien

Antrittsvorlesung, Public Lecture

Lecture and Discussion with Annina Kaltenbunner (Leeds University) as part of the ie.talks – Public Lecture Series of the Department of Development Studies


*International Financial Subordination in the Age of Asset Manager Capitalism*


The rise of asset managers as key nodes of financial intermediation has been one of the most fundamental changes in the global economy over recent years. An emerging literature on asset manager capitalism (AMC) discusses these changes and its implications, though largely in the context of corporate governance in advanced capitalist economies.


This expands the remit of the Asset Manager Capitalism (AMC) literature to spaces outside the global capitalist core, and assesses its implications, based on quantitative data on asset manager allocations and flows, and qualitative data from semi-structured interviews. It finds that despite the growth of asset managers' investments into emerging markets, their presence remains limited and heavily concentrated in "non-productive" sector. The threat of exit remains present but increasingly tied with global conditions and the composition of benchmark indices. There is also limited evidence that asset managers use their voice to influence corporate governance and macroeconomic policy. Overall, asset managers do not seem to fundamentally reshape the characteristics of financial subordination.


Nina Kaltenbrunner is a Professor of Global Economics at Leeds University Business School. She is a pluralist Macro-Development Economist with an interest in financial and monetary dynamics in developing and emerging economies.

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