Freitag, 05. Mai 2023, 09:30 - 15:30 iCal

International Conference: "Migration, Time, and Temporality"




FH St. Pölten
Campus-Platz 1, FutureLab (Haus B, Raum B.0.12), 3100 St. Pölten


Weitere Termine

Donnerstag, 04. Mai 2023, 13:00 - 19:30

In the early 2000s migration research expanded to embrace a broad conception of mobility that included short distances, circular movements, and no movement at all. This paradigmatic shift sparked interest in the myriad ways that time and temporality intersect with the experience and regulation of migration. The conference will pursue this line of inquiry and stimulate discussions between a diverse range of scholars active in the historical and social sciences.

The conference is the second of the series "(Researching) Migration: On New Paths, in Each Direction?" The first conference took place last year at the University of Vienna and centred on Spaces and Locations of Migration.

Programme (pdf)

The conference series is organized by:

• Research Network for Interdisciplinary Regional Studies first:

Oliver Kühschelm (Centre for Historical Migration Research/IGLR), Anne Unterwurzacher (Ilse Arlt Institute for Social Inclusion Research/UAS St. Pölten)

• University of Vienna: Annemarie Steidl (Department of Economic and Social History)

• Slovenian Migration Institute ZRC SAZU (Scientific Research Centre at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts): Mirjam Milharčič Hladnik, Aleksej Kalc, Miha Zobec


FH St. Pölten


Annemarie Steidl
Annemarie Steidl
Institut für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte