Dienstag, 14. Mrz 2023, 16:30 - 18:00 iCal

Vortrag von Riccardo BIONDI

(University of Padova)


"Science communication and dissemination, why are they important for your career?"

Over the past decades, communication and outreach have become a fundamental concern of research communities. The relationship between science and society has begun to change radically and communication has become a necessity. Important decisions involving scientists' research are no longer made by the scientific community but by politicians, private companies and media. Moreover, the decisions often involve the general public whose opinion influences the politicians and the media behavior, so it is fundamental to convey the value of a scientific way of thinking even to those who have nothing to do with science.


Furthermore, the scientists’ career is nowadays based and evaluated on paper metrics, conference presentations, project funding and international relevance. This makes it important to improve the way to share results with the scientific community, in order to enhance the quality of the research, to facilitate collaborations and to get projects funded.


During this seminar we will see some best practices of science communication and dissemination and we will work with practical examples.


Vortrag im Rahmen des Meteorologisch-Geophysikalischen Kolloquiums.


To the online talk click here: univienna.zoom.us/j/66942796112

Room 2F513, (Exner-Raum)
Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2, UZA 2, 1090 Wien


To the online talk click here: univienna.zoom.us/j/66942796112

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