Donnerstag, 29. September 2022, 10:30 - 17:00 iCal

Visual Literacy

Who saw what in ancient Egypt?

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien
Maria-Theresien-platz, 1010 Wien


Weitere Termine

Freitag, 30. September 2022, 10:30 - 18:00

On September 29-30, the second Visual Literacy in ancient Egypt workshop will take place in Vienna. By organising this gathering in form of a workshop, we want to facilitate a dialogue between researchers at different stages of their academic careers all of whom are currently working on the production, transmission and perception of monumental image-text-compositions in Ancient Egypt. By keeping the workshop open to the public we also hope to engage our colleagues – in Egyptology but also in other disciplines – in questions relating to the potential that lies in the consideration of the individual perceptions of complex media compositions.


The decorative programs of Ancient Egyptian tombs and temples, uniting images and texts, were perceived by people of widely differing social and intellectual backgrounds. For the context of private tomb chapels those potential recipients include, among others, relatives and colleagues of the deceased, priests, artists and their apprentices and also the tomb owner himself while still alive. Depending on their individual knowledge and experience those visitors focused on different elements and received diverging messages. They saw “the same, but not the same” in an act of which can be designated “aspectual perception” following ideas developed by Ludwig Wittgenstein and more recently Whitney Davis.


Lead by pioneers in the field, such as Dimitri Laboury, Gabriele Pieke and René van Walsem, recent Egyptological studies have shifted their attention from looking at those monumental image-text-compositions as mere “sources”, to considering the two media and their role in acts of monumental communication themselves. This shift of attention also includes a stronger focus on the protagonists behind those acts of monumental communication, i.e. the people who stand behind their production (artists, clients) as well as their multiple audiences.


The conference is kindly hosted by the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Registration is required. To register, send an e-mail to Limited seats available.


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