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Wissen Dekolonisieren.

Silence, Wissen und Machtstrukturen.

Emily Ngubia Kessé (Berlin)





"The academic centre is not a neutral location. It is a white space where Black people have been denied the privilege to speak." (Kilomba, 2010; 27)


Knowledge has always had an agenda – to sustain power relations. To whose advantage? - But how do epistemologies achieve this agenda? Translated to the field of neuroscience, I would like to focus on how practices of silencing contribute to the stabilization and maintenance of power and domination relations in the processes of knowledge production and transfer. I hope to make visible the (colonial) racist norms that are invisible to many members of the majority population.


Anmeldung unter: gender.univie.ac.at/veranstaltungen/ringvorlesung-gender-studies/aktuelle-ringvorlesung-politiken-der-un-sichtbarkeit/

Emily Ngubia Kessé, Dr. rer. Medic extends research addressing the challenge of investigating socially constructed categories in science. She investigates how the categories of race & gender shape the 'doing' of new bio-tech research and in the production of bio-objects. In addition to her academic work, she is skilled & interested in establishing networks between public and private sectors, working between diverse disciplinary focuses that require innovative/creative engagement.


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