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Ringvorlesung Turkologie Wintersemester 2021/22

Turkey and Southeast Europe in the Interwar Period

As the title “Turkey and Southeast Europe in the interwar period” suggests, the series will concentrate on the late Ottoman and early post-Ottoman/Republican periods and bring together scholars that work on different aspects of that era of radical ruptures and new foundations. Related memory culture and history-writing in many cases still fundamentally disagree. The historical distance of a whole century however invites new or overarching approaches. The series thus aims at a fresh and interconnected understanding of the emerging post-Ottoman world in the large context of the defining Treaty of Lausanne (1923).


06.10.2021-26.01.2022, Mittwochs 18:30-20:00 Uhr, Online-Vorträge


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Umut Özsu (Ottawa)

Late imperial expulsions: International law and the ends of Ottoman empire


Historians and sociologists have done much to enrich our understanding of the Ottoman Empire's disintegration over the course of its final decade. Yet comparatively little is known about the way this process of dissolution registered on the plane of international law. This talk will address some of the specifically legal dimensions of the Ottoman Empire's fragmentation, focusing in particular on the role played by international law (and international organizations like the League of Nations) in the compulsory 'population exchange' between Greece and post-Ottoman Turkey during the 1920s.


Umut Özsu is Associate Professor at the Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University. He is a scholar of public international law, the history and theory of international law, and Marxist critiques of law, rights, and the state. He is the author of Formalizing Displacement: International Law and Population Transfers (Oxford University Press, 2015), and is currently finalizing Completing Humanity: The International Law of Decolonization, 1960–82 (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). He is also co-editor of the Research Handbook on Law and Marxism (Edward Elgar, 2021) and The Extraterritoriality of Law: History, Theory, Politics (Routledge, 2019).

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