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u:japan lectures s03e12 - Aleksandra Kobiljski

Tensions of Making and the Art of Breaking:

Putting Salt Fields to Rest in 19th century Japan

a virtual u:japan lecture by Aleksandra Kobiljski | CNRS


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Drawing on a preliminary reading of The Secrets of Salt Making 塩製秘録, an 1816 salt-making manual by a little-known Japanese salt-maker Miura Genzô 三浦源蔵 (?-1835), this lecture seeks to address the change in production dynamics in the Seto Inland Sea region in the first half of the 19th century. In so doing, this talk contributes to the rethinking of the nature of Japan's early industry and conceptualization of profit.


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Aleksandra Kobiljski is Senior Researcher in Modern and Contemporary History at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). Before joining the CNRS she taught at University of Belgrade and Harvard University. Since 2022, she is the Principal Investigator of J-InnovaTech, a European Research Council (ERC) funded project which explores structuring characteristics of Japan's early industry from 1800 to 1885 (ERC StG GA 805098).


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u:japan lecture | s03e12

Thursday 2022-01-20, 18:30~20:00 CET

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