Montag, 20. Januar 2020, 17:15 - 19:00 iCal

242. Institutsseminar, Bernard Meehan

Bernard Meehan (Trinity College Dublin Medieval History Research Centre) –

Cutbercht, his Gospels (ÖNB MS 1224) and named scribes


Elise-Richter-Saal im Hauptgebäude der Universität Wien
Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien

Seminar, Workshop, Kurs

The Cutbercht Gospels (ÖNB MS 1224), taking its name from a colophon in which the scribe Cutbercht begs for prayers, is a late 8th-century copy of the Gospels, along with the usual preliminary texts including decorated canon tables. It was probably made at Salzburg. Perhaps a little neglected by scholars, it stands comparison, in terms of its large-format, its artistic impact and its complexity, with more celebrated manuscripts within the corpus of Insular gospel-books.

Last June, I had the opportunity, thanks to the kindness of Dr Andreas Fingernagel, to spend a day in its company. This illustrated talk will draw attention to its organisational and codicological features. Questioning the accepted view that Cutbercht was its only scribe, I shall place the Cutbercht Gospels in the context of other Insular manuscripts.



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