Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017, 18:30 - 19:30 iCal

Buying Salvation

The Motivations for Foundations and Endowments in the Late Byzantine World

Vortragender: Dr. Dionysios Stathakopoulos / Senior Lecturer in Byzantine Studies, King's College London

Institut für Byzantinistik und Neogräzistik
Postgasse 7/1/3, 1010 Wien


Our sources reassure us that foundations and endowments (Stiftungen) in the Byzantine world were borne out of piety. Following Sandra Cavallo’s work on Turin, we can accept this as a the lowest common denominator and let religious motives take a back seat. What else motivated Byzantine men and women to offer material resources to gain immaterial rewards? This paper will look at the last two centuries of the Byzantine Empire, when the state was increasingly impoverished and weak, to examine what was founded and endowed, by whom and for what purposes. My emphasis will be on the antagonism between various afterlife management strategies and their socio-economic roots as well as impact.

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