Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017, 17:15 - 18:15 iCal

Pharma & Food Lecture Series

Artificially Intelligent Drug Design — Inspiration by Nature

Pharmaziezentrum UZA2, Hörsaal 6
Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Wien


Gisbert Schneider is a full professor at ETH Zürich (Chair for Computer-Assisted Drug Design). Before joining ETH in 2010, he headed the cheminformatics group at Roche, and was a Professor at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt. He is an elected Fellow of the University of Tokyo, and the recipient of the 2018 Herman Skolnik Award of the American Chemical Society.


This presentation presents the current state–of–the–art in automated drug design, focusing on contemporary machine–learning approaches and technologies that could be implemented robustly by medicinal chemists in the near future. We will critically analyze the opportunities and challenges for their more widespread application by presenting worked examples.


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Thierry Langer
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