Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018, 17:00 - 19:00 iCal

Economical Use of Atoms:

Efficiency in Synthesis through Catalysis

Antrittsvorlesung Prof. Kai Carsten Hultzsch

Kleiner Festsaal im Hauptgebäude der Universität Wien
Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien

Antrittsvorlesung, Public Lecture

Over the last century chemistry has played a pivotal role to improve the quality of life, increase the life expectancy of humans and has been essential in helping to feed an increasing world population. The utilization of catalytic processes in chemical industry has been crucial to achieve this goal. Many chemical transformations are feasible solely with the help of a catalyst or their efficiency is significantly improved in comparison to the non-catalytic reaction, especially with regard to energy consumption, product selectivity, and avoidance of stoichiometric reagents. New catalytic transformations can replace classical multi-step reaction sequences with often significant reduction in the amount of waste generated (reagents, solvents, side-products). Catalytic processes also often permit to replace highly reactive and/or toxic reagents by less hazardous chemicals. Ideally, these processes should utilize environmentally benign, renewable feedstock. The lecture will discuss how catalytic chemistry can make contributions towards these goals of green and sustainable chemistry.

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