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Dutch in a Central European context: Dynamics of Reception

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The univie: summerschool 'Dutch in a Central European Context: Dynamics of Reception' takes place at the University of Vienna from July 7th to July 14th, 2016 hosted by the Department of Dutch Studies in cooperation with ELTE and COMENIUS.

Circulating Literature

Literature is not monolithic nor is its identity to be considered essentialist. Literary identities exist through interactions with their own literary context as well as with other (literary) contexts. The circulation of literature and its role in the shaping of literary identities has recently gained relevance as a topic of research.

Especially in the context of literary transfer the dynamic nature of literature and its reception reveals itself. How exactly can this dynamic relation between the original and its translation be described? What exactly are the factors that determine the complexity of this dynamic phenomenon named reception?

Dynamic intercultural encounters

This doctoral school offers an international environment where Phd students can exchange and discuss their research interests in the context of the given thematic focus. The Summerschool is meant to provide a space in which students can gain insights that will eventually have a positive impact on their own work. The selected participants come from Poland, Serbia, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, and Hungary. Intercultural encounters are stimulated by joint theoretical reflections and discussions. The invited speakers are Dutch specialists outside the Netherlands and Flanders, and they will share their theoretical and practical expertise on the circulation and reception of literature.

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