Freitag, 23. Juni 2017, 13:00 - 17:30 iCal

Rethinking the Senses. Experience and Media


Büro Horn, 1. ZG, Raum ZG201.153, Institut für Germanistik, Hauptgebäude der Universität Wien
Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien

Seminar, Workshop, Kurs

23 June 2017 | 13:00-17:30 • Büro Horn (ZG.201.153) | Hauptgebäude | University of Vienna

This workshop wants to explore the interconnection between media and the senses, based on a set of wide and open questions:

What does it mean to work with media and what does it mean to theorize media?

How does the notion of the ’sensual’ differ from the term ‘sensory’, and how do both ideas relate to the concept of ‘experience’?

How does media construct experience in a particular artistic, professional, academic context, or public discourse?

With the workshop RETHINKING THE SENSES we welcome two media scholars and practitioners, who both focused in their work on radio broadcasting, but also explored media from a variety of different historical and theoretical perspectives.

This workshop is designed to open up a conversation. We want to reflect on the interplay of the senses and the media, ask how this relationship is shaped by technological media and explore how this constellation can be used as a more general framework to guide research question in a variety of fields in the humanities.

Arndt Niebisch, Privatdozent, received his Ph.D. in German and Romance Languages from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore and taught as an Assistant Professor of German and European Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. From 2012-2016 he was a post doctoral researcher at the University of Vienna, where he completed his Habilitation. He is co-founder of the research platform ‘Mediologie@Wien’, that promotes the discussion and development of digital projects, and of ‘Metaphora’, a peer-reviewed journal for scholarly research at the intersection of literary theory and media studies. He also holds a degree in Web-Development from the FH Technikum Vienna and works as an application developer at the IBM Client Innovation Center.

Bill Kirkpatrick, Associate Professor, earned his Ph.D. in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and teaches media studies in the Communication department at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. He is co-producer of the Aca-Media podcast, a monthly show that presents an academic perspective on media. His research interests include media history and cultural policy; impacts of popular culture on American public life; theories, practices, and future of citizen-produced media; and media and disability. His dissertation focuses on localism in American thought and media (1920-1934), exploring how regulators, the radio industry, and the public used discourses and structures of localism in a range of struggles to shape the media system. He is currently working on a book on disability and early broadcasting: "Embodied Medium".

1-1.15 p.m. Welcome and Introduction

1.15-2.30 p.m. Presentations on Radio (Bill Kirkpatrick) and the Digital (Arndt Niebisch)

2.30-2.45 p.m. Coffee Break

2.45-4 p.m. Seminar 1: Bill Kirkpatrick - Radio Broadcasting

4-4.15 p.m. Coffee Break

4.15-5.30 p.m. Seminar 2: Arndt Niebisch - The digital Realm

from 6 p.m. Heuriger

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Vienna Doctoral Academy Theory and Methodology in the Humanities, Mediologie@Wien

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Luisa Drews
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