Donnerstag, 01. Juni 2017, 09:45 - 17:30 iCal

The Future of Natural Heritage


Alte Kapelle
Spitalgasse 2 , 1090 Vienna

Seminar, Workshop, Kurs

Humanity is remaking the planet through basic Earth systems disruption. Planetary ecological changes are accelerating under the pressure of a growing world population. What is going to happen to the natural heritage that has come to us through millennia of relatively stable planetary conditions, which are now likely over? What is the future of our past? What values, meanings, and services of nature should we protect, and why? What moral and political principles should be guiding our attempts, and what forms of social organization are most likely to realize them? This conference explores various aspects of the enterprise of ensuring transfers of value from the past and way into the future. It brings together environmental and political philosophers to discuss the unprecedentedly complex travails of the planet we made, and the next steps we could or should take. It focuses on philosophical analysis, but also aims at shaping concrete proposals for the future of natural heritage.

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FWF-Projektteam: New directions in Plant Ethics


Wolfgang Damoser, BA
Forschungsporjektteam "New Directions in Plant Ethics"
Department of Philosophy