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Food Anciety in South-East Asia and Beyond

Practices and Discources on Food Safety and Security, Body and Identity

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International Authors Workshop:

Authors will work collaborative on a book, regarding the topic "Food Anxiety in South-East Asia and Beyond: Practices and Discourses on Food Safety and Security, Body and Identity".

Eating is characterized by certain food paradoxes, namely by maneuvering between health and illness or pleasure and displeasure. In their everyday life, consumers deliberately or unconsciously manage to walk this thin line of culinary indulgence and the insecurity of what they symbolically and physiologically ingest with their food choices.

Rapid urbanization, the growing dissociation between producers and consumers of the global food industry as well as the emergence of certain health- and lifestyle trends render the ‚banality‘ of eating highly complex – sometimes ‚dangerous‘. We argue that these dimensions of ‚dangerous eating‘ are very relevant in South-East Asia but still an underexplored

field of research.

From the perspective of food anxiety, we want to explore this complexity further. In the context of a research project on the body-politics of eating in Vietnam –funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)– we found that food anxiety proved an important analytical category to grasp very diverse empirical phenomena that in one way or another touch upon the feeling of precariousness which consumers and producers experience when

being in contact with food. We invite contributions from the social sciences that relate to topics of ‚dangerous‘ food consumption and production in South-East Asia and ask specifically to approach it from the perspective of ‚food anxiety‘. As the idea for this book project emerged in the context of our own research in Vietnam, we would highly welcome contributions on Vietnam but expand the regional scope of the book to South-East Asia.

Since we bring together a coherent edited volume, we will organize an authors workshop in Vienna to discuss the second drafts of the articles, in order to receive valuable feedback on our individual contributions.


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