Montag, 16. Januar 2017, 18:00 - 19:00 iCal

Himalayan Borderlands in Transition

China's Many Tibets: Political Integration and Pockets of Resistance

Institut für Südasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde, Bereich Südasienkunde
Spitalgassse 2, Hof 2, Eingang 2.1, 1090 Wien


In 2008 a wave of political unrest broke out across Tibetan regions in China. Characterized by street protests, inter-communal violence, and, later, by self-immolations, the political unrest was the most widespread since the annexation of Tibetan areas in the first decade of the People’s Republic of China. A notable characteristic of the recent wave of protest and conflict has been its spread from central Tibet to the eastern parts of the plateau. And yet, although unrest spread far and wide, not all areas were affected. This lecture draws on recent fieldwork in eastern Tibet to explain why have some Tibetan localities mobilized politically while others have not. Findings challenge previous scholarship on this subject, and shed light on political developments in Tibetan areas, including the dynamics of integration, state-society relations, the efficacy of China’s nation-building project, and the prospects for further unrest.


Ben Hillman, Crawford School of Public Policy, College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University




Ute Wallenböck
Institut für Ostasienwissenschaften/Sinologie