Samstag, 03. Dezember 2016, 10:00 - 16:00 iCal

Development, Solidarity and the Mutual Interest

International Conference

Alois-Wagner-Saal, C 3 Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung (Tag 1) / Hörsaal 45 Universitätshauptgebäude (Tag 2)
Sensengasse 3 (Tag 1) / Universitätsring 1 (Tag 2), 1090/1010 Wien

Tagung, Konferenz, Kongress, Symposium

Weitere Termine

Freitag, 02. Dezember 2016, 13:00 - 20:00

The efforts to develop under-developed areas of the world have recently been given increasing attention in historical research which has re-discovered that the socialist world system had its own corresponding efforts labelled Solidarity or, in the Cuban case, Internationalism. We feel that this new field of research is properly situated within the broader approach of Global History. This means that comparisons and transfers take centre stage.

Activities in a development perspective comprised a broad range of resource-flows from uni-vectoral Aid and Solidarity-transfers to trade "in the mutual interest". The question of uni-laterality or of mutuality/reciprocity in the transfer of resources thus is at the center of the first panel of this conference.

Development and Solidarity activities were platforms of encounters between "East", "West" and "South" which brought together profoundly unequal actors. Modes of coming to terms with inequality in a universal (modernization, socialist) frame are the topic of the second panel.

These activities in the Development/Solidarity Sector brought massive flows of people – experts, advisors, development workers, contract workers, students - into circulation. These encounters are the object of a third panel.

Overall topic of this conference, which is to present ongoing or very recently accomplished research on development practices in the Cold War era, thus is inter-activity at various levels – from trade to personal relations – and in a comparative perspective. The general idea is to compare practices of cooperation in situations of substantial inequality, focussing on interactions happening in the Development and Solidarity sectors. The perspective of Global History implies not only comparisons among actors of "East" and "West", but also a look at actors of African, Latin American and Asian countries.

Speakers represent a mix of established scholars and pre-doc researchers.




2.12. Alois Wagner-Saal, Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung, Senseng. 3



Welcome by Berthold Unfried and Eric Burton, Wien


Introductory keynote:

David Engerman, Brandeis: The Politics of Development Aid: Three Frames of Analysis

Commentary: Petra Dannecker, Wien


15h Coffee break





- Mutuality/Reciprocity in the transfer of resources: Trade, Aid, Solidarity

Simon Godard, Paris: Dealing with inequality in an international socialist organization: how the integration of Cuba and Vietnam changed CMEA-discourse on “development” and “internationalism”

Berthold Unfried, Wien: Univectoral transfers and the mutual interest: Solidarity, Trade and Migration in the Socialist World System

Chair and Commentary: Alexandra Sindrestean, Wien


17h Coffee break



- Travelling Concepts

Ingrid Miethe, Gießen: Workers Faculties globalizing

Verena Kröss, Bremen: The World Bank's Rural Development Doctrines and Approaches, 1960s to 1980s

Chair and Commentary: Michael Zeuske, Köln



19h30 Joint Dinner



3.12. [DIFFERENT VENUE!]: HS 45, University main building, Universitätsring 1



- Flows of People in the Development and Solidarity Sector

Eric Burton, Wien: Tanzanian Counterparts of German development workers

Constantin Katsakioris, Bayreuth: Creating a Socialist Intelligentsia: Soviet Educational Aid and Its Impact on Africa, 1960-1991

Chair and Commentary: David Engerman, Boston


11h45 Informal standing lunch (in situ)



- Development Encounters: Facing Inequality in a Universalist Perspective

Alena Alamgir, Atlanta: Contract Workers from Vietnam: Vietnamese Workers’ Labor Disputes in 1980s’ Czechoslovakia

Artemy Kalinovsky, Amsterdam: Soviet Central Asian Experts and the Developing World

Chair and Commentary: Berthold Unfried, Wien


14h45 Coffee break



- Concluding Lecture

Piero Gleijeses (Washington): Internacionalismo & Solidaridad. Contributions of Cuban "Internationalism" to the international history of development efforts (via Skype)


16h Final Discussion, Round Up and Perspectives for Research

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