Donnerstag, 01. Dezember 2016, 14:00 - 17:45 iCal

Good Nano Bad Nano - Who Decides?

An Interdisciplinary Conference

Marietta-Blau-Saal im Hauptgebäude der Universität Wien
Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien

Tagung, Konferenz, Kongress, Symposium

Weitere Termine

Freitag, 02. Dezember 2016, 09:30 - 18:00

This two-day conference explores the role of evaluative processes and normative attributions in debates about nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanomaterials (short: nano) in an interdisciplinary dialogue. "Goodness" and "badness" are contested categories in the ongoing struggle over the assessment of nanomaterials and their potential impact on society, human health, and the environment. In this debate a variety of institutions and actors play a role, among them nanoresearchers, (eco)toxicologists, policy and law makers, industry, ethicists, or civil society organizations. Moreover, individual citizens are increasingly invited into debates on nano via public engagement initiatives. This interdisciplinary conference brings together scholars who contribute to the evaluation of nano and analyze the positions of societal actors as well as the processes in which the goodness or badness of nanomaterials is negotiated and established. Nano will serve as a case for reflecting on the more general processes and evaluation regimes that are at work when technoscientific objects emerge in society under conditions of (scientific) uncertainty.


Speakers: Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent (Paris), Diana Bowman (Arizona), Christopher Coenen (Karlsruhe), Iris Eisenberger (Vienna), Juliane Filser (Bremen), Andreas Huber (Vienna), Angela Kallhoff (Vienna), Lotte Krabbenborg (Nijmegen), Franz Seifert (Vienna), Claudia Schwarz-Plaschg (Vienna), Tsjalling Swiestra (Maastricht)

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Research Platform Nano-Norms-Nature


Michaela Bartsch
Institut für Philosophie der Uni Wien
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