Mittwoch, 31. August 2016, 15:00 - 16:00 iCal

CS-Colloquium: Robert Hayes (Microsoft)

Preventing, detecting & responding to cyber-attacks – a combination of massive data analysis & conditional trust.

Fakultät für Informatik, HS3
Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien


Die Fakultät für Informatik der Universität Wien lädt Sie in Kooperation mit Microsoft, SBA Research und dem KIRAS-Projekt CERT Komm 2 herzlich ein zum CS-Colloquium mit Robert Hayes (Microsoft, Chief Cybersecurity Advisor for Europe).


Robert Hayes, a Senior Director with Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, will describe the current cyber threat landscape, outline why many organisations are struggling to effectively respond to the threat, and describe how organisations can easily & cheaply develop a strategic response built around the concept of Protect, Detect & Respond.

He will then describe how Microsoft is collecting & analysing trillions of events every day, and using cloud scale machine learning to identify and quickly respond to emerging threats across the company’s infrastructure. Robert will argue that such cloud scale analytics are key to any security strategy.

Finally, Robert will describe why trust is critical in the development of a security strategy, and how organisations should consider who and what they trust, and whether that trust should be conditional or absolute. There will also be plenty of time for questions from the audience.


Robert Hayes is Microsoft’s Chief Cybersecurity Advisor for Europe, The Middle East & Africa.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Robert spent 30 years working in senior positions in the UK Government including as Head of the UK National Specialist Law Enforcement Centre & Head of the UK National Technical Assistance Centre.

In 2007 Robert joined Microsoft as a Director & Senior Fellow of the Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments: A small group which was established by Bill Gates to bring the fruits of Microsoft's world-leading advanced research and development activities to solve intractable problems for the global public sector.

Robert holds a B.Sc. in Psychology, is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Freeman of The City of London.

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