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Start:IP Weekend

Brain meets Business.

ACHTUNG Weitersagen! Mit der INiTS Initiative Start:IP werden erstmals in Österreich systematisch Patente und spannende Forschungsleistungen von Universitäten mit interessierten EntrepreneurInnen verknüpft.

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Freitag, 17. Juni 2016, 13:00 - 21:30


Brain meets Business

In Austrian universities research is being conducted at higher and higher levels. Not only academics but also enterprises are starting to take notice. A lesser known fact is that much of the outcomes of this high-level research can be turned into entrepreneurial solutions to real problems. There are many hidden treasures at universities in the forms of inventions, patents, prototypes and other technologies, all waiting for an entrepreneur to bring them to light and turn them into profitable businesses.

This is what INiTS wants to achieve with the ‚Start:IP‘ initiative. INiTS succeeds on a regular basis to bring Intellectual Property and academic know-how, together with entrepreneurial spirit. The basis of ‘Start:IP’ are so-called "Technology Offers" of the Viennese universities. These are usually patented technologies, but also interesting other research results, such as software prototypes.

A first meeting of technologies and entrepreneurs will happen on an online platform ( The technology offers can be then analysed and discussed, entrepreneurs will be able to imagine already how they can bring these offers to the market, and then apply online for one of the offers.

The next part will be a physical meeting at the ‘Start:IP Weekend’ on the 17th and 18th of June 2016, where entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors will come together with designers and enthusiasts from other fields. The technology offers will then be presented and teams will form around these offers. The teams will consist of people who registered online, but also newcomers who can decide on the spot which idea speaks to them more. The newly formed teams will then have a guided 2 day session to work on the ideas and with the guidance of mentors, consultants and other helpers, will create real business models around the technologies.

The weekend will give the opportunity to entrepreneurs to find a good tech idea and start implementing it, making the transition to a full-fledged businessperson. The ideas will be presented at the end of the event and the best ones will receive valuable prizes, for example a place in the 100 day acceleration program ‘Startup Camp’ from INiTS.

All the necessary information, including the technology offers, is available under Application information can also be found under the same link.

Places for the Start:IP Weekend are limited so apply soon under: .

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