Dienstag, 28. Juni 2016, 18:30 - 20:00 iCal

Food sovereignty and consumer sovereignty:

two antagonistic goals?

Hörsaal 3F, Neues Institutgsgebäude (NIG)
Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien


Im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe "Growing Green: Fresh Perspectives in Environmental Ethics II" lädt das FWF Projekt "New Directions in Plant Ethics" zu einem Vortrag von Cristian Timmermann zum Verhältnis zwischen Lebensmittel-Souveränität und KonsumentInnen-Souveränität. Alle interessierten ZuhörerInnen sind herzlich willkommen!



The concept of food sovereignty is becoming an element of everyday parlance in development politics and food justice advocacy. Yet to gain widespread civil society acceptance the idea of food sovereignty and its demands have to be able to coexist with already well-anchored principles of consumer sovereignty. The aim of this article is to examine the different sets of demands that the two ideals of sovereignty bring about, analyse in how far these different demands can be made compatible with each other and explain why consumers have to adjust their demands to harvests variations to promote food sovereignty.



Cristian Timmermann studied Philosophy and Political Science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, with research stays in Manchester and Geneva. From September 2009 to August 2013, he taught and conducted research at Wageningen University before taking up a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Jacques Loeb Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences in Be’er Sheva, Israel. In 2015, a junior visiting professorship at the Center for Ethics and Global Politics in Rome followed. Currently, Dr Timmermann is holding both a visiting fellowship at the Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research in Salzburg, which was awarded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, as well as a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas in Mexico City. He has published extensively on the life sciences, the ethics of agriculture, and environmental ethics in general.

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